Reconstruction, Restauration, Rebuilding

We provide renovation and emergency repair services for dwellings of any kind. Our company is authorized to work in office buildings, private residences, and commercial estates.

Founded in 2001
Emergency repair services
Capital improvement services
5 year gurantee
Repairs of various types of dwellings
HUD requirements compliance
Rigid timelines
Apartment renovation
Apartment repairs and renovations
Payment plans
Personalized house building and modifications
Construction services for private residences

Our mode of operations

You submit request
Our representative makes an appointment to meet with you
we make an assessment and offer our rate
we sign a contract
After we sign the contract we start our services
The work is complete and we are open for your feedback

Why should you pick our Company?

over 15+ years of experience
Experience working at large construction site as well as private residencies
5 yrs gurantee
Rigid timelines
Payment plans available
assessment and rate offer
Design of the project
Assisting on all inquiries
Acquiring required permits
Supply and materials acquisition
Clean up after the service performed

Prior projects